Sunday, June 28, 2009

Adoption is finalized :)

Caleb & Brendan are now officially Hancocks!! We went to court on June 15th, and David adopted both of the boys. It was such a great day at court. Judge McCarval was an awesome judge.. the boys made their own rulings... Caleb ruled that they could stay up till 9:30 that night, and Brendan ruled that we have to take them to Peter Pieper Pizza. The judge then ruled that the adoption was final and they each got to hit the gavel to make it final. We had lots of family come to celebrate this wonderful day with us.


Laurel said...

I knew it was coming, I knew when you filed the papers the first time and the second time. I knew your court date and I talked to you all about it being done. However, seeing it in pictures made me cry! Congratulations!!! I am so glad that you have a legal right to the happy family you have.

Lonni said...

I love this post!! Congrats to your family!