Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Teacher gifts

So this is what I came up with for our end of the year teacher gifts. Next year the teachers are required to wear their id badges, so I thought I would make them pretty beaded lanyards. Caleb and Brendan each have one teacher, and Zachary has 1 teacher, 2 assistants, and 1 speech teacher.... so 6 lanyards later :) I thought they turned out pretty. Still have two to wrap for Friday, but 4 are wrapped for Zacharys last day today.


Lonni said...

You are so creative!What a good idea! I'm so so glad you reminded me to get something together for the teaches. I completely forgot!

Laurel said...

They look great! Do you never run out of amazing ideas? You are awesome! I miss you. I'll call soon and get an update.

Anonymous said...

Very clever teacher gift. Would also be great for nurses!