Sunday, March 1, 2009

Pinewood Derby

So Saturday was a busy day, we had the baptism, then Brendan's party, and then we had pinewood derby, all in one day. So the boys did very well, Caleb took first in the webelos den, and Brendan took first in the wolf den. Then they raced the 1st place cars of each den, Caleb took 1st of the pack, and Brendan took 2nd of the pack. They did awesome!!! It was a fun and busy day. I have lots of scrappin to do.


Lonni said...

Congrats Boys!!! Titan took 3rd in the pack at ours. Poor Orion didn't do so good, but he really worked hard on the car. I made a car myself and came in 2nd in the adult race. Kinda dorky, but lots of fun!

Laurel said...

I hope you find this here! Congratulations to both boys on pinewood winners! Congrtulations to Brenan on his baptism! Congratulations to Cooper for his first nursery day! and Congratulations to mom and dad for surviving and thriving through all of it. Your boys are growing up so fast. It is good to see how they are progressing. (I also love to see that they can't keep their shirts tucked in either!);) much love!